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Runics Day, 2021!

Another July 1, another Runics Day! And a big one at that - 5 years ago today, I released Diamond Bonds to the world. In some ways, that was the start to a new part of my life, as I learned to navigate the waters of the writing and publishing world. However, in other ways, it has served to remind me of the ways I underestimated writing and the time investment that it takes. Writing is the easy part, as many authors can relate; it's the many rounds of editing and making hard decisions around covers, marketing, and publishing that consumes days and weeks and months.

I'm excited to announce that Diamond Bonds and Sapphire Ambition will be relaunching as part of a solidified release schedule for all five books, freshly edited and boasting new cover art that will better align with the other three. I had wanted to release that schedule today, Runics Day of 2021, but sadly I was not able to make it happen. There will be an announcement (very soon!) detailing the release dates for the remainder of the series. Please look forward to it!

I thank all those who have patiently waited for this series to continue and conclude, and I look forward to getting these books into your hands!


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