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Runics Day, 2019!

Beta copy printed! And lovingly destroyed by beta readers.

As previously mentioned, since both Diamond Bonds and Sapphire Ambition released on July 1, I've always affectionately thought of this day as Runics Day. It's also a good reminder to post an update as to what we can expect from Runics moving forward.

It's been a good year for writing! I've not only completed Shattered Gemstone, but also the fourth book in the series, tentatively titled Emerald Abandon. So that's four books completed in the series, which means there's only one more to go! I'm currently making great progress on the final book and expect to have it done around the end of the year.

What's that mean for availability? In my last update, I shared my desire to release these last three books in quicker succession, so as not to make readers wait extensively for each book in sequence. I know that means more waiting upfront, but I think this will be much better in the end. So the plan right now is to finish the final book, then start to prepare Shattered Gemstone for publication.

So my focus right now is to write, write, write! I expect to see Shattered Gemstone become available in 2020, and with any luck we'll see a second Runics book release next year as well :) If you're a reader of the Runics series, thank you for your interest and patience. I'm truly excited to deliver the rest of this series into your hands, and I promise to make that happen as quickly as possible.


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