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Era cares only of surpassing his father's infamy as a master thief - until he stumbles onto a kidnapped girl and promises to return her home. Dreaming of a quick and easy reward, Era and his thieving partner Jem set off to return the girl to her wealthy father. However, when bounty hunters and elemental mercenaries attack to recapture the girl, her claims of ignorance begin to ring hollow. When the girl's own elemental talents are revealed, Era begins to question what else she may be hiding. 


In the second book in the Runics Series, Jeff Kish continues the saga of powerful elementalists, ancient technology, dueling kingdoms, and those fated to be at the center of it all.

Following the failed barracks raid, Era knows he can do nothing to save his friend until he unravels the truth of his own identity, especially as his falsified memories and growing earth shaping abilities instill doubt that the creeds Era once held dear are truly part of who he is.


The tale continues to unfold in the long-awaited third entry! Runic power threatens to tear Era apart from his allies.  Will he endure the hardships and fulfill his promise to Di? And if so, at what cost?


Era finds himself in the midst of a political maelstrom. While Jem strives to assert her will over the newly crowned monarch, and as his long-lost friend doubles down on her runic identity, Era searches desperately for the role he's meant to play. When an enigmatic visitor from his past makes a startling offer, Era must decide between his own destiny and the one he desires for his friends.


When Jem arrives back in Valvoren with a dire warning, it becomes clear that the conflict over the runics is far from over. The purported creator of the runics has returned, and he yearns for the creation of his perfected thirteenth runic. Can Era and his allies stand against this threat, or was it always his destiny to die? The epic saga concludes!

Book no.2
Book no.1
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