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Runics Day, 2020!

They're really, actually done!

As has become tradition, July 1, otherwise known as Runics Day (the day on which both Runics books were published), has triggered me to take a moment to share my plans to finish the series. In my post last year, I gave plans to finish the Runics books in 2019 and start publishing them in 2020, and I'm excited to share that those plans are very much intact!

So what are these books called? Here they are in order, starting with the books that have been released: Diamond Bonds Sapphire Ambition Shattered Gemstone Emerald Abandon Obsidian Destiny

My hope is to have a "relaunch" of sorts around Diamond Bonds and Sapphire Ambition, inviting new readers to enjoy the world of Runics while I gear up to launch the new titles. In the meantime, I'll be performing edits on the remaining books with the goal to publish at least one by the end of the year. Also, be ready! I will be asking for beta readers as I finish my edits, so keep an eye out on social media! Especially follow the Runics Facebook page as I'll be posting there.

Thanks as always for the support I've experienced regarding this series. Time to finish strong!

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