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Runics Day!

Happy Runics Day, all!

...what's Runics Day, you ask? Well, Diamond Bonds released on July 1, 2016. Coincidentally (or maybe not), Sapphire Ambition was released on July 1, 2017. Therefore, July 1 might as well be Runics Day! Or maybe that's just me.

Since I don't have a book to release today, I figured a blog update would be in order. Last summer, after getting Sapphire Ambition published, I worked hard to finish the third book, Shattered Gemstone. I handed it to my (unofficial) editor and promptly dove into starting the fourth book.

Then, in October 2017, a couple things happened. First, I had a programming project enter into its final phase before publication, and I made the intentional decision to set aside writing for what I thought would be three months. Unfortunately, that extended to seven months, and no progress was made on the fourth book during that time. On top of that, my editor was hit with some life events that prevented him from finishing out the third book.

So, as of July 1, 2018, here's where things stand: Shattered Gemstone is actively being edited, and I am back to writing the fourth book! Each is progressing nicely and I anticipate announcing a release date for Shattered Gemstone in the fall. My goal is to release the remaining three books (five total) in much shorter increments than what I have thus far managed.

I'm happy to have writing back in my life and I'm anxious to have more to share in a few short months. So stay tuned!

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