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Legends speak of an ancient kingdom that once harbored powerful elemental weapons. On a war-torn continent, acquiring such a treasure would mean certain victory for either nation, and the Valvoran military will do anything to acquire them, even when it means kidnapping the teenaged Di from her school.

After Era stumbles upon the kidnapped girl, he swears to save her and bring her home to her family. But can this young thief, who knows nothing of her significance, fight off the military and elemental mercenaries they send after them? It's up to Era to get Di safely home before the military reclaims her and accomplishes its sinister goals.

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I couldn't help but flip through page after page on the Kindle app (well up 'til 3am)

Jay Lee, paperweighteditorial


Amy Louise,

Ancient technology. Elemental combat.  Defying fate.

Packed with unexpected twists and turns, the Runics Series is filled to the brim with strong characters, comedic banter, and fierce battles. Explore the series below, or check out the series page on Amazon: 

Ebook - Diamond Bonds 08.jpg
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It all begins when Era meets the kidnapped Di on a train raid. Can he get the schoolgirl home?

Past secrets are brought to light when the adventure pushes into an unknown land.

Conductors clash as the battle to control the runics comes to an inevitable confrontation!

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With a firm choice in hand, Era must decide between his own path and the one he desires for his friends.

Why were runics created? What is their destiny? The dramatic tale concludes!

Jeff Kish Author

Author Jeff Kish

Jeff has been a storyteller all his life, dating back to the fourth grade when he wrote two choose-your-own adventure books. He regularly consumes fantasy stories in their many forms, with a particular love for anime and video games.

Outside of writing, Jeff tries his best as a Christ-follower, husband, and father. When not crafting a new chapter, Jeff is usually studying for a Cisco exam, cheering for Notre Dame Football, or competing in Super Smash Bros. tournaments.

Maps and Diagrams

Maps and Diagrams
Ebook - Diamond Bonds 08.jpg

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